AskAdobe Help

Just the FAQs

How do I get started?

To register for AskAdobe and to install the app in your Slack account, we have created a quick tutorial video to walk you through the initial steps of getting started.

How much does AskAdobe cost?

The current beta version of AskAdobe is free! Future versions, with more advanced functionallity, will come with a monthly fee but we will always offer a free version of the app.

How are AskAdobe and Slack connected?

Users can register for AskAdobe by authenticating with Slack. Once authenticated, a user is officially registered as an AskAdobe site user but not everyone who wants to use the app within Slack needs to be a registered user. Registered users are those individuals in your organization who wish to manage the use of the AskAdobe app.

Whats the different between a registered user, site owner, site admin, and app user?

  1. Registered User: A registered user is any user that has used Slack to register for the AskAdobe site. Only the first registered user from an organization is given owner and admin privileges. Additional registered users will need to be granted privileges by an existing admin.

  2. Site Owner: A site owner has the greatest amount of user privileges. They can add additional admins and owners, manage Adobe API credentials, and enable anomaly detection.

  3. Site Admin: A site admin has the ability to manage user privileges by creating additional admins and granting access to the AskAdobe bot to additional Slack team members.

  4. App User: An app user does not have rights to log in to the AskAdobe site but are granted permission to interact with AskAdobe by issuing a request using the Slash Command /AskAdobe

How do I get my Adobe Analytics data in Slack?

After you, or a member of your team, has installed and configured AskAdobe you can run queries, lookup variable definitions, and get additional help right within slack by using the Slash Command /Ask Adobe. To get started, try /AskAdobe Help This will give you some ideas on how you can get started using the app.